Look at what’s coming our way, ready for the start of the Year of Faith!

A very special Lady.

Image @sosdrs

I love finding Madonna’s from different cultures. Left,  is Our Lady the patron Saint of Africa:- Consolation for the afflicted.
Why is Our Lady so special?
“But Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” —Luke II, 19.

“Mary is our pattern of Faith, both in the reception and in the study of Divine Truth. She does not think it enough to accept, she dwells upon it; not enough to possess, she uses it; not enough to assent, she develops it; not enough to submit the Reason, she reasons upon it; not indeed reasoning first, and believing afterwards, with Zacharias, yet first believing without reasoning, next from love and reverence, reasoning after believing.”
Blessed John Henry Newman


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