Images speak a thousand words. What do you think?

A voyage of Discovery!

The following prayer accompanies the image of the Year of Faith on our bulletin:

Bestow upon me, O God,
an understanding that knows You
wisdom in finding You
a way of life that is pleasing to You
perseverance that faithfully waits for You
and confidence
that I shall embrace You at the last.
Prayer of Saint Thomas Aquinas before study.

Year of Faith CATECHIST

Take a little time to think about what these images are telling us about the coming Year of Faith. My immediate response to the top picture is,’ Surely every year should be the year of Faith?’ My next immediate thought is,’The Church never does anything without good reason!’

There is a need for resting Catholics to discover the Truths and beauty and fullness of their Faith and to get closer to the Lord in Holy Communion.


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