A little about this and that…

I thought I ‘d mention how my hackles rose this week as I walked into Tesco to buy some bread, and happened to notice that an x-rated magazine was at the eye level of a toddler. I pointed out that a primary school full of children is located on the opposite corner to the store and that it this is considered to be inappropriate advertising. The man at the till looked suitably perturbed, assuring me that it was an error that would be rectified as soon as possible. Great.

I heard something from an agnostic that made me stop and think. Someone we both know is a practising Catholic who decided to use the Big Spoon called exaggeration to stir up some controversy. She did so knowing that her comments would create ripples. This I know for sure. The agnostic was a little confused by this behaviour and said,’Are you sure that she’d do this? She is very religious!!!’ In retrospect I should’ ve answered with, ‘Even religious people are sinners’, but I kept quiet as it seemed to be an inopportune moment to continue the discussion. Or  was it? I think not. I need to be more aware of when these opportunities arise and strike while the iron’s hot.

I visited a Christian book store this afternoon to purchase a few bits and bobs. I was looking specifically for material relating to Olympic values  from a Christian point of view. I was duly shown a new Christian magazine/comic book for children which I think is fun and attractive. The Gospel message was clear and I thought it would make a great gift. As the assistant handed it to me she quickly added, ‘It’s lovely but it might be a little too Evangelical……’. She knows I’m Catholic. Hence the comment. I responded by saying, ‘ And why would that be?’ She mumbled something inaudible with a hint of embarrassment as I praised the comic further. There is ignorance there about Catholic Faith and it’s up to each one of us to dispel preconceptions. I’m hoping that we’ll have the opportunity to chat over another product in future.


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