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Endorsements for Why Children Matter

“In an age when both the importance and definition of family seem to be under constant attack from all sides, Johann Christoph Arnold provides an approach to child rearing that is at once time-tested and completely up-to-date – and solidly grounded in faith. He doesn’t mince words, but his teachings maintain the compassion of the gospel, and he offers up concrete steps to bolster and encourage those parents who want to give their children the values their parents gave them.”

– Timothy Cardinal Dolan, Archbishop of New York

Arnold reminds us of what we have lost in a clear and simple way. He shows us in one chapter after another the beauty of fatherhood and motherhood, the joy and profound importance of being a parent. He tells of the difficulties of family life but never lets us forget that these difficulties are more than worth it, for as we raise our children well we are engaged in sacred work, caring for new lives that were created in the image and likeness of God. For all those whose understanding of human life has been confused and clouded by our shallow contemporary culture, for all who have lost sight of the reasons why children matter, I heartily recommend this little book.”

Fr. Benedict Groeschel, Franciscan Friars of the Renewal

Follow this link and download or order your free copy. Too good to be missed!

Wear a daring t-shit…

Image@catholics with attitude clothing

I came across this website a couple of years ago and today I saw this new slogan!!! I think it rocks.

Bring sexy back!

A new website supporting natural family planning is breaking new ground and filling a gap in the market I think. I’m in support of this idea as well as NFP, so I’m sharing the news with you.


This is but one of a few eye-catching logos promoting NFP. Take a look at some more at 1Flesh.org


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