Off to the Eternal City!

I feel so excited about going to Rome. Not only is it the first family holiday in six years, but we’re going to visit a city that is steeped in history, art, culture, the blood of Saints and Martyrs, Catholicism and of course,  Italian food! We will be away for 11 days and I will not be posting anything for the duration of or holiday. I will be using a pen and paper to jot down my thoughts and feelings, the old-fashioned way, before sharing it with you here at 1catholicsalmon.

I’m leaving all my work done and dusted, and boy, it feels great.

I must admit to a little disappointment at having to miss the Queen’s 60th Jubilee celebrations this week-end….I know it’s going to be spectacularly memorable. But, hey, I’ll always be able to say, ‘We were in Rome in the year of the Olympics and the Queen’s Jubilee!!’.


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  1. I’m jealous!

  2. SR

     /  May 31, 2012

    Have a great time! I am so jealous:>)) Will miss you, but who is going to blog when one is in Rome. God Bless and you and family come back safe to us. SR

  3. I lived in Rome for 4 years and never got enough of the place. I especially miss the food. Never ate badly in Italy, not once.

    You need to visit Sancta Maria Della Assunsione on Via Veneto and go to the crypt for an un forgettable experience. I prayed my best rosary in the main church above after praying in the cemetery crypt. It was on the feast of the Assumption before a mural of the Assumption behind the main altar. The mystery of Mary participating in Christ’s victory over death — in the flesh — made a deep impression on me.

    Have a great time in Rome!


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