The Church has a unique role to play in healing Scotland’s wounds

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Scottish Flag mendedYesterday morning we woke up to the news that nothing has changed – Scotland is still part of the United Kingdom and will remain so. Except of course there is the reality that things will never be the same again.

The No vote may have won the day by a healthy margin, but in no way can we all walk away from the last two years of campaigning, whether we live in Scotland or not, and carry on regardless. The promises of the politicians from Westminster of increased powers for the Scottish parliament now have to be carried through and there is the question of how the outcome will affect the future governance of the other regions of the UK.

As the build up to yesterday’s vote has drawn towards its fervent climax, so the divisions between those on each side have become more fractious. Given that the stakes have been…

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Natural Family Planning UK Conference – 15 November 2014


First of it’s kind that I’ve heard of. I think it’s a good idea.

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Natural Family Planning UK Conference – 15 November 2014. See post at Jericho Tree.

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Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola


St Ignatius prayer.

                         St Ignatius prayer.

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I use inspirational wall images from Loyola Press. There are four available images per month. There is a wealth of information at the above site. The 3 minute Retreats are a wonderful way to start the day.


Strasbourg rules again: no human right to same-sex marriage


The redefinition of marriage is questionable.

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echr1There is no human right to a same-sex marriage, human rights law does not require countries to “grant access to marriage to same-sex couples”, and the state acts lawfully in seeking to defend the traditional understanding of marriage as between a man and a woman, according to a ruling by Europe’s highest human-rights court last week.

The judgement (PDF here) handed down by the European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) at Strasbourg both reiterates and reinforces a previous 2012 ruling which made clear that same-sex couples did not have a human right to enter marriage. Strasbourg’s consistent view is noteworthy because it has a clear remit to uphold anti-discrimination and human rights laws, and vigorously pursues the rights of gay among other minority groups.

Last week’s ruling is the final stage of a case first brought in Finland, where, uniquely in Scandinavia, there is no same-sex marriage (SSM) law, but where gay…

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Prayers for peace


From the diocese of Lancaster?



Set apart, marked, driven out, persecuted…and not one of the Western leaders condemn these atrocities!

Share this sign as a sign of solidarity with the Christians in Iraq

Share this sign as a sign of solidarity with the Christians in Iraq

Just in case you have come across this sign on social media sites and are not sure what it represents I thought I’d post it tonight in support of Christians in Mosul who are being crucified, murdered, tortured and forced out of Iraq for being Christian.The Pope has spoken out in support of these Christians, seemingly ‘forgotten’ by the Western leaders. Read articles here and here to understand the wider picture of the atrocities unfolding so far from us here in the West.

We need PEACE



Only when we begin



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